I'm Oliver, I’m a director of photography, location sound recordist and filmmaker, with a soft spot for education.  I'm based in Sheffield, UK.

I fell in love with all things visual at a young age, appreciating everything from magazine layouts, to user interfaces and after being given my first camera when I was 12, I developed a passion for creating images.

Yet at the core of my interest in the visual, is the drive to tell stories, to share, and to connect people.  I believe that in every image, whether moving or still, there is a story, an emotion and a connection.

People have told stories since the beginning of time, through words, sound, music, art, photography, film and simply marking marks on the floor.  Stories are used to share ideas, memories and communicate with each other - to have conversations.

My creative approach is to listen first to the story, finding the narrative threads within, before creating a visual approach, allowing the audience to connect with the soul of the story.

I believe this creates pieces which focus strongly on narrative structure, so that each frame is meaningful and important.  In this, beautiful visuals then compliment the story, captivating those to whom it is speaking.

That said, let's make something together!  Drop me a message using the form below or on mail@oliveribbotson.co.uk.


07387 367 894

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